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Search engine optimization - SEO - of your Web site pages is a proven strategy to bring visitors to your site - not just any visitor but visitors interested in your product or service. More importantly, this traffic of visitors comes free because search engines do not charge you for sending visitors to you.

However, this will happen only if the search engines recognize that your website is related to the product or service, and this is what SEO does. SEO is an ever-changing field because search engines frequently change the criteria they use to rank sites in search results pages.

You need an experienced SEO specialist to work in line with the latest trends. We outline below what our SEO specialists do for you. Your hired SEO specialist will work for you dedicatedly . You can instruct the person to work the way you want.


SEO - Search Engine Optimization - specialist is an expert who keeps track of search engine practices and helps businesses to achieve high visibility for websites.


* KEEPING TRACK OF SEARCH ENGINE PRACTICES: Search engines frequently change their listing practices and web page ranking logic. The SEO specialist keep track of these so that he or she can develop Web pages that can achieve high rankings.
* KEYWORD RESEARCH: The SEO specialist works with the client, and uses relevant tools, to identify the search terms that customers of the business use to search for the business’ product or service
* WRITING SEARCH ENGINE FRIENDLY WEB PAGES: The specialist then writes (or get written) Web pages for the client’s website; pages that are optimized for the selected keywords, and are also reader friendly, i.e., informative and using words that the readers use.
* LINK BUILDING HELP: Search engine ranking is determined by the number of relevant in-pointing links from quality sources. The SEO specialist advises the client on link-building strategies, typically based on research of competitors’ links.


* KEEPING UP WITH SEARCH ENGINES: The SEO specialist keeps abreast of search engine developments by observing his own results, regular reading of search engine news and participating in seminars and training programs
* SKILL IN USING RELEVANT TOOLS: The specialist must know which keyword and link checking tools are dependable and how to use the tools to get just what the client needs
* RESEARCH SKILLS: Finding keywords that people use is not enough; the SEO specialist must have the skill to identify the real customers for each client, and understand what exactly the customers are looking for in the product or service
* WRITING SKILLS: If the specialist cannot do all the page development, the person must be able to tell specialist writers how to write optimized pages
* FAMILIARITY WITH LINK BUILDING PRACTICES: Real search engine results are obtained by building link popularity. The SEO specialist must know which kinds of links are valuable, and how to obtain these links

Monthly Pricing:


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Guaranteed 40 hours per week. 160 hours a/month Full Time

There is no setup or canceling fee.

You can hire a SEO Expert individually or hire a virtual team depending on your requirements.

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